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Eguren / Dominio de Eguren

Carrying the family name, the Dominio de Eguren winery was a project to produce quality wines while still offering them to consumers at a reasonable price. A multi-generation-spanning philosophy which views fine wines as a collaboration between Earth and personal effort, passion, and knowledge is the heart of Dominio de Eguren. “Nothing is predominant, everything is important in order to create internationally famous wines.”


Perrin / Château de Beaucastel

Château de Beaucastel is a magical place, surrounded by hills planted with vines, hundred-year-old olive trees and truffle oaks. Here nature is blooming, liberated and at ease. Ancient vines with knotted roots are nurtured in the traditional ‘gobelet’ style in the soil typical of the region, laden with large round pebbles. When the Mistral blows—the legendary wind from the Alps—it whistles down the Rhône Valley cooling the vines and revealing aromas of Garrigue. It has the Southern accent of those who live here at one with the Mediterranean climate. It’s on these ancestral soils, supporting the 13 grape varieties of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, that each new vintage of Beaucastel is born.


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