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About Cru

Welcome to Cru

We are Trinidad & Tobago’s most comprehensive on-line wine store and information portal designed to assist and educate you in choosing delicious wines for every dish and occasion.

For most people, wine buying is a confusing experience and many choose to stay within the confines of what they have tried and liked. There is precious little information available on wines in retail outlets, and even when shop assistants know a thing or two, it could hardly be considered expert advice.

At Cru, we offer expert advice and information on every wine we sell. We think you should know what makes us different and how we have raised the bar in the T&T wine business.

We source our wines after extensive research on each wine region and personal visits to carefully selected wineries. We choose only those wineries that offer consistent high quality and value for money. On our recent tour to France, Spain and Italy we visited 36 wineries and sampled over 300 wines.

Once the wines are selected they are then collected in refrigerated trucks and shipped in refrigerated containers. This additional expense guarantees our customers are buying wines in pristine condition, unlike much of the ‘cooked’ wine on the local market which is exposed to damaging high temperatures. Once landed, our wines are kept in refrigerated storage. We even deliver in air conditioned vans.

We provide as much expert rating and commentary on our wines as we can find. We use only highly-respected wine critics and we do not edit their comments. We add our own comments as necessary.

That’s the short story on Cru. There’s much more to learn on our site. Here’s to wishing you many good wine experiences!



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